We have windows with opening, closing and sliding actions. For windows to function without problems, be reliable and safe to use, they must be equipped with durable and robust fittings, seals of adequate performance, reinforcements made of durable materials, security hooks and much more.

Fittings are mechanical parts that allow the proper functioning and operation of any window. We use hardware by Siegienia, a company betting on innovation for 100 years.
Titan AF Fittings

These combine steel and composite materials. Extremely durable, very secure and smoothly operating. Additionally equipped with a micro ventilation system, rotary mushroom cam, sash lifter, security striker plates and handle lock. Titan AF hardware is used in Leader, Profit Titan, Energy and Prestige windows.

Titan VentSecure windows fittings

TITAN VentSecure can be used on new windows and as a part of upgrade projects. With this hardware you can still use micro ventilation without compromising the intrusion resistance. Total protection against driving rain is maintained when the window is unsealed at the minimum level. This ensures a supply of fresh air regardless of weather conditions, circulation of air in rooms to maintain healthy conditions and curbing the risk of mould growth.


Titan Axxent windows fittings

Completely concealed fittings are now in, and huge windows or glass walls have become inseparable elements of contemporary architectural design. But this seemingly simple idea requires real skill to hide the high quality technology which ensures smooth and easy sash operation. The hardware products from the Axxent range provide just that by combining perfect design, excellent load capacity and extraordinary wear resistance.

Security striker plate

This element makes the window resistant to intrusion. With over 120 thousand burglaries and home intrusions annually, it is worthwhile to invest in security for yourself and your assets. Installing a security striker plate provides additional protection against intrusion.

Rotary mushroom cam

An innovative solution, responsible for pressing the sash to the frame in a precise manner. Thanks to this, the window does not require any additional adjustment, regardless of varying weather conditions. It is also a safety feature because it prevents forcing of the sash from the window frame.