Thermal insulation , safety , solar control, decorative and special glasses.
Thermal insulation glasses

Produced from the low emission, soft coating glass manufactured in the “off-line” process,
what means that they feature a one-side (on the entire surface area) coating made of noble metal oxides.

Safety glasses

The safety glasses glasses are the glasses, which depending on their construction ensure the different functions: they reduce a risk of wounding by the shards of glass and a risk of falling of the glass.

Solar Control Glasses

In solar control glasses are used the glasses produced by spraying the metal or metal oxide layers, what enables to obtain an ultrathin coating, which gives a homogenous appearance and the highest optic quality.

Decorative glasses

The ornamental glass used in the Effectorbeauty Effect  glasses is a glass featuring a lowered transparency resulting from a dissipation of the light rays on its pattern surface. Due to its high utility and decorative values this type of the glass is applied in residential and industrial construction

Special glasses

Using the low emission glass and filing the internal space with noble gas increases significantly the thermal insulating properties of the glazed unit, however its edges are separated from each other and joined with
the materials featuring much higher thermal transmittance