Mosquito nets

With our mosquito nets you can stop insects at your doorstep, allowing you to enjoy your rest and relaxation time or even sleep. Mosquito nets are also good for stopping pollen and dust particles, which is useful if you live near crowded places or construction sites. Framed mosquito nets are easier to install, easy to keep clean, durable and more robust than other solutions available.
Mosquito frame nets

For mounting on window frames using rotary supports. The external side of the mosquito net frame has a specially shaped lip for an extra tight-fit to make it more difficult for insects to access the house. A mosquito net frame is great for windows you open only to provide air circulation.

It is recommended to install a mosquito net at the beginning of spring and leave it in place until late autumn. Then remove the mosquito net, clean it and store until the next season.

Mosquito nets for doors

A mosquito screen door is a great solution for a balcony door.

The screen door's frame is held together using aluminium internal corners which reinforces the entire structure. You can also select the profile joint type – pressed together or joined using grub screws.

The mosquito net is installed on a window or door frame by hinges, and features a patented self-closing system with a very straightforward preload force adjustment system. With a brush seal around all edges for extra protection against adverse external factors.

The standard kit includes a handle for opening and a magnetic closing system.