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Synergy of new implementations - interview with Krzysztof Gala, General Director of HENSFORT

An interview with the General Director of HENSFORT Krzysztof Gala was publoshed in the jubilee 200th number of Industry Forum monthly newspaper. We invite you to read the conversation conducted by Robert Klos, editor-in-chief of the Industry Forum.

HENSFORT TOP 10 - most memorable moments of 2019

It is time to say goodbye to year 2019, that will remian in the memory of woodwark manufacturers as very tense. For HENSFORT it was a year of strategic decisions and though challenges. We mention them in our list of ten most memorable moments in 2019.

iCOR: first universal core for various window and door profiles.

For many years, window profile manufacturers faced the problem of incompatible product platforms hindering the process of creating systems efficiently. A successful solution to the problem was developed by Deceuninck, which completed work on creating a universal core for various window and door profiles.

Windows as a background for Christmas decoration.

Christmas is a time when, despite the bad weather, our home becomes cozy and warm. Windows play a significant role in creating this ambient , especially when they are  decorated with ornaments, delight not only the household, but also people looking at them from the outside.

Step glass in corner constructions

Nowadays, corner windows are a solution oftenused in modern constructions, that guarantee excellent access to a large amount of sunlight entering the room. However, for some time,  the so-called method of step is more and more popular. and replace traditional connector with a  special connection of glass called step.