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The idea stands for architecture - an interview with Maciej Łobos, CEO of the MWM architects.

In our series "An investor meets an architect" we bring the profiles of the best Polish architects and their work workshop closer. Our first interlocutor is Maciej Łobos from the MWM Achitects office. We invite you to read this very interesting coversation.

THERMOFIBRA: technology of the future strengthening window sashes

For many years, leading window manufacturers have been trying to find a solution for a modern system design linked with the proper strength and thermal insulation parameters. A breakthrough on the market is the ThermoFibra technology developed by Deceuninck and implemented in the Elegant system.

Poland is a global player on the joinery market - Interview with Stijn Vermeulen, CEO of Deceuninck Europe.

An interview with Stijn Vermeulen, CEO of Deceuninck Europe, has appeared on the Murator Plus popular construction site in Poland. The visit of Mr. Vermeulen to Poland gace an opportunity to talk about many topics. Below we present a fragment of the conversation conducted by Dominika Merek.

Passive house, what does it mean?

A passive house is one of the most-used formulations in contemporary architecture. Nowadays they are gradually transforming into a building standard. What is a passive house and what are its main advantages?

Glass houses - the future of architecture?

Nowadays, glass has become one of the most popular building materials and has quickly become synonymous with modernity and progress in building tradition. Something that was once associated with a utopian slogan and a dream, today it is represented by several hundred meter high glass skyscrapers. Will the European landscape be based on glass houses soon?