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HENSFORT ELEGANTE: A revolution in the  PVC windows design

The Deceuninck company, in order to meet the expectations of architects and investors, has created a system of Elegante window profiles that make a revolution in the style of windows, and thus of homes.

Assembly of windows in corner constructions.

The object in which the BEMA-RES company came to assemble the windows, has several interlocking solids in which the glazed elements were located, mainly in corner parts of the building.

How to choose windows for a modern home?

A dozen or so years ago, our own four corners were the biggest dream of the majority of society.

Decorative glasses Effector beauty Effect

The Effector Beauty Effect decorative glass uses ornamental glass with limited transparency resulting from the scattering of the light rays on its surface. It is widely used in residential and industrial construction because of its excellent performance and decorative features, such as glazing in partition walls and doors in various locations in public buildings and in thermal insulation units.

Solar control glass Effector Sun Effect

Facility designers are always seeking new façade materials, and glass has become very widely used in modern architecture. Houses, offices and public buildings are now overfilled with light, but with these high degrees of glass transparency comes the risk of overheating the interiors and the high transmittance of UV rays.