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Glass houses - the future of architecture?

Nowadays, glass has become one of the most popular building materials and has quickly become synonymous with modernity and progress in building tradition. Something that was once associated with a utopian slogan and a dream, today it is represented by several hundred meter high glass skyscrapers. Will the European landscape be based on glass houses soon?

Spring is coming - how to preprare for woodwork assembly?

The beginning of spring is a perfect time for the  investors  to start their work on building a house. After choosing energy-efficient windows, the key stage of woodwork assembly begins. How should we prepare for this and why does the proper preparation of window openings play a very important role?

Warm assembly, three layers of warmth.

Energy efficiency is a key word that we get familiar with during the decision which windows and doors should we choose for your home. When choosing woodwork with specific thermal insulation parameters, we must be sure that it will be properly installed. One of the methods used by the best assembly teams is layered assembly, also known as  warm assembly. What are its main advantages?

How to choose an entrance doors?

The arrangement of the dream home was usually associated with its interiors. The color of the walls, furniture and decorations were the elements were the topics of the biggest emotions. However, this is starting to change, and investors and designers pay equally great attention to the aesthetics of the facade, windows, and to the appearance of what is the showcase of our home,mainly - the doors. How to you choose the best for us?

HST SMART : Terrace doors opened with just one click

Sliding doors in the HST system perfectly match characteristic trends of large and spacious constructions creating an unique and safe connections between the building and the garden. Comfortable service in this system is as important as the form. Who does not dream of large-size terrace doors opened with just one click?