Assembly of windows in corner constructions.

Among the routine assembly tasks carried out on construction sites, from time to time there are also those that stay for a long time in memory of both constructors and investors.  
There may be various reasons because installation of windows for unusual construction is different. Sometimes it is the scale of assembly difficulties, very often  a great location of the object or  new architectural solutions. The assembly of HENSFORT Civis window systems made by BEMA-RES in the vicinity of Mielec probably will always be associated with a complicated procedure of corners assembly. 


Usually, in  repeatable projects of single-family houses we deal with one block of a building based on a square or rectangular plan. The architecture of individually designed buildings can is far more complicated  The object in which the BEMA-RES company came to assemble the windows, has several interlocking solids in which the glazed elements were located,  mainly in corner parts of the building. In this method, during the implementation of one task, several corner connections of window constructions were made in various technologies. In such non-standard assemblies, the final success is determined not only by the individual skills of the particular fitter in the team, but also thanks to  perfect work plan and coordination.  Few similarities can be found between the incorporation of two small window constructions fitted into the jambs connected by a 90 ° system angle post, and the installation of two large PVC-U constructions with corner glazing in the glasscorner standard on different storeys. 

We invite you to watch the film about how the company BEMA-RES from Rzeszów, participant of the Recommendation Program, took up the assembly ... behind the corners.




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