Fingerprints – the safest entrance to the house

Entering a home is the basis for the safety of its users. A lost key may cause hacking or lead to the situation wher the user is unable to enter the house. The solution to this problem is a door with a fingerprint reading system.

Often our hearts beat faster when we realized that we had lost the keys to the house and we would not be able to enter it. What's worse, the burglar will have potential access to it. We must then respond quickly, call the locksmith or the police. But what if you wouldn't have to use the key and  just open the door with what is always with us, i.e. with your hands?


Comfort and safety

The fingerprint scanner is the most convenient way to open the door. The SIEGENIA scanning system remembers the fingerprints of 99 users and allows them to function without thinking about where the key is at the moment. It will also not allow any possibility for burglars to open the door with a lock or with the help of a stolen key, card or known access code. Biometric security is by far the safest way to open the door.