Glass houses - the future of architecture?

Nowadays, glass has become one of the most popular building materials and has quickly become synonymous with modernity and progress in building tradition. Something that was once associated with a utopian slogan and a dream, today it is represented by several hundred meter high glass skyscrapers. Will the European landscape be based on glass houses soon?

Each polish student at school, got acquainted with the reading of Stefan Żeromski's book "Przedwiośnie". It was in her that the main character's father presented a utopian image of  newborn Poland as a modern country in which the inhabitants live in glass houses. In the book, this vision turned out to be false, but nowadays it is more and more common, and in the future it may become the norm and fulfillment of Żeromski's vision almost a hundred years ago.

Why glass?

Modern possibilities of using glass mean that the rooms can become brighter, warmer, optically larger and even safer. Glass houses work well as skyscrapers, public buildings and single-family houses. The use of glass elements gives them great lightness, and their modern design can easily be adapted to the individual architectural design. Glass houses are functionality, aesthetics, safety and closeness to nature. A glass house is ideal for people who are fed up with walled houses and value free space and energy provided by the sun.

The choice of glass

The best manufacturers offer various types of glass. Ornamental glass is very popular due to its functional and decorative qualities. Its wide range of designs and colors allows architects and users to freely shape the space in both residential and industrial construction. Investors who value energy efficiency and security can easily choose glasses that perfectly meet their requirements in this respect. If, on the other hand, we think that our home is too bright, we can choose a sunscreen that provides ideal and comfortable conditions of use.

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