Heat losses in large glazing

Modern architectural trends in residential construction are increasingly focusing on large glazing as an element that brings elegance and a modern look to our houses. However, the question arises whether the insertion of large glazing will not cause heat loss?

Floor-to-ceiling windows, glass doors or huge sliding systems replacing the wall are a response to the needs of modern and stylish designers that are drived with the idead of the unusual nature of the arranged space and the need to provide a large amount of natural light. Earlier on, they tended to be found mainly in office buildings, but now they are becoming an indispensable element of passive houses.

And mainly inhabitants of passive houses are those who have the most doubts about whether such solutions provide adequate thermal insulation parameters. Fortunately, the answer is satisfactory for investors, because the insertion of large glazing does not cause heat loss, and what's more - it effectively maintains them!

Energy and warmth

Modern large-size PVC windows and aluminum windows are energy-efficient - they have very good thermal insulation parameters, thanks to which the effect of heat losses in the autumn and winter months is minimized.

For example, the energy-efficient HST sliding system, whose height can reach up to 3 m, and the width of even 6 m has optimal heat transfer coefficiency, which in winter maintain absorbed solar energy, thus heating the room.


When deciding to install large glazing, we must pay attention to meteorological conditions. The climate in Poland means that such windows should be installed on the south side of the house, i.e. the sunniest and potentially the most energy-efficient. In addition, when planning an investment, it should be borne in mind that even the warmest window will not perform its functions well if we neglect proper installation.

Find out where you can buy energy-saving windows with large glazing and consult your design with the seller to fully enjoy the natural energy and warmth at home.