HENSFORT ELEGANTE: A revolution in the  PVC windows design

Modern architects try to provide home residents with space and access to natural sunlight, but also using by using  building materials provided by manufacturers of, enrich their projects with attractive visual elements. The Deceuninck company, in order to meet the expectations of architects and investors, has created a system of Elegante window profiles that make a revolution in the style of windows, and thus of homes.

The right choice

Possibility to order large-size windows, attractive utility parameters that influence the comfort of household and energy balance are aspects that investors pay attention to before buying woodwork. Moreover, when designing a home, its individual character and distinctive design is topic that require careful planning . So how to combine functionality with beauty? A solution that perfectly suits the needs in terms of aesthetics and both  acoustic and thermal insulation is the PVC Elegante window profile system.

Style and comfort

The slim, expressive profile design, allowed Deceuninck to redefine the future of PVC windows. The new Elegante window system is characterized by the Uf window heat transfer coefficient of 0.93W / m2K. Thanks to the depth of the frame's construction of 76mm, wing depths of 80mm (in the non-flush version), and 92mm (in the flush version), and six compartments, this system meets the expectations of the most demanding investors in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation.




In addition, the Elegante version is a visual alternative to aluminum windows, and thanks to a wide range of colors, it will easily match the profile to any type of building.

Before you make the final decision regarding the design and windows, learn how to properly match the woodwork to your home and contact a specialist

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