iCOR: first universal core for various window and door profiles.

For many years, window profile manufacturers  faced the problem of incompatible product platforms hindering the process of creating systems efficiently. A successful solution to the problem was developed by Deceuninck, which completed work on creating a universal core for various window and door profiles.

Versatility and benefits 

Belgian profile manufacturer Deceuninck has worked for many years to create a new and more efficient product structure. The result of many years of research and testing is  iCOR ,  totally different core allowing interchangeability and connection of all types of profiles.
The modular iCOR system enables connection of profiles for a wide range of sashes and frames. Regardless of the product's characteristics, design, reinforcement or facing - iCOR will allow you to connect any system thanks to the completely new core design.
Among the benefits of the solution are: saving time, production flexibility, a wider range of options for using the middle seal and reducing storage space.

Elegance and insulation

The uniqueness of the new platform will easily  convince those  investors who decide to buy the revolutionary Elegant system with a unique, minimalist design with slim, expressive shapes. Elegant was the first to be implemented into the iCOR platform, which made it even warmer while maintaining all the visual advantages. This became possible thanks to the combination of Elegant system elements with glass fiber reinforced profiles.