Safe exit to a terrace dedicated to the children

Modern homes must ensure comfortable and safe use for all their users. Almost all of us remember situations where inadequately adapted flats exposed children to dangerous situations. The  HST sliding door system is the perfect idea for homes with small children.

Large glazing systems are often chosen in salons with the entrance to the garden. When children appear at home, a convenient option is the HST system, which has a very low threshold, almost flush with the floor. Thanks to this solution, we gain a smooth transition to the garden, which allows, for example, easy passage of the stroller without having to lift it over the threshold, which is also convenient for parents, grandparents or nannies.

Children do not always closely watch the world around them, so the lack of a high threshold will prevent the child from hitting or falling over. One of the most common and painful problems are trapped hands and too strong wing movement created by the kids, violating the proper functioning of the mechanism. The SOFT CLOSE cushioning system comes with a helping hand- a mechanism that slows down the sash at the final stage and gently introduces it to the frame. This practically prevents the possibility of pinching fingers and a strong collision of the sash with the frame.

HST is a solution that eliminates architectural barriers, ensuring a beautiful and comfortable transition from home to everyone. Find out where you can buy a secure HST system and make your child feel fully able to use the house.