Spring is coming - how to preprare for woodwork assembly?

The beginning of spring is a perfect time for the  investors  to start their work on building a house. After choosing energy-efficient windows, the key stage of woodwork assembly begins. How should we prepare for this and why does the proper preparation of window openings play a very important role?

Proper preparation

Whether we decide on PVC or aluminum windows, we must diligently  prepare the recess for installation. The best assembly teams begin work start their work by making sure that the window openings are even, level and that their surface is regular. Correct thermal insulation, circulation and window operation will depend to a large extent on this.
Current assembly techniques, in particular assembly with the use of vapor-tight and vapor-permeable tapes, have significantly reduced the scope for errors and corrections. The warm installation method requires previous preparation and cannot be started just before the arrival of the installers with the windows.


Already at the stage of erecting walls, the surfaces of the window opening must be determined. Installation should be preceded by appropriate measurements and preparations. If they are not carried out and the window is incorrectly fitted, subsequent modifications may not be feasible. If we replace windows in an old building, the main task is to restore the original condition of the window frame. After tidying up, check the evenness of the jamb planes, especially the inside of the jambs. With masonry material, we supplement all defects in the masonry until the surface is smooth. A professional team should always check the window opening and prepare it properly after lining the insulation layer.

The correct preparation of openings is a stage in the assembly process that will affect the subsequent comfort of window use by household members. Therefore, before installing windows, consult your decision with qualified fitters recommended by the best carpentry distributors. .