Step glass in corner constructions

Nowadays, corner windows are a solution oftenused in modern constructions, that guarantee excellent access to a large amount of sunlight entering the room. However, for some time,  the so-called method of step is more and more popular. and replace traditional connector with a  special connection of glass called step.

Corner windows are  chosen by investors for whom modern and stylish design and natural light are the crucial requirements in creating a perfect building. Optical enlargement of the space, an open view of the garden or visual enrichment of the facade are the main advantages of having such a solution. However, appreciating the aesthetic value, the designers began to wonder  whether the corner windows can present even better by providing the appropriate thermal insulation parameters?
The answer to their expectations is the method of combining glass on the so-called step.

Safety, aesthetics and warmth

So what is the mysterious step? It is a modern technology of gluing glass in which we do not have to use a traditional fastener. The glass is connected with a special binder, and at the place of connection there is a narrow strip of dark glass almost invisible from the outside due to the mirror effect of the glass. The lack of a frame in the corner gives completely new possibilities for the architects  and makes it possible to refer to Scandinavian forms that set European trends in passive architecture. The use of such a connection is particularly functional in investments with large glazing, in which instead of using an angle connector we combine both glass panes equipped with an insulating wedge that guarantees high parameters.

The specificity of step connection requires the use of tempered glass that guarantees safety and warmth in a modern and aesthetic form.

The advantages of installing corner windows with stepped glass could be verified during international Batimat Fair in Paris at HENSFORT stand