Windows as a background for Christmas decoration.

Christmas is a time when, despite the bad weather, our home becomes cozy and warm. Windows play a significant role in creating this ambient , especially when they are decorated with ornaments, delight not only the household, but also people looking at them from the outside.

Christmas inside and outside.

Each of us can recall the image of children eagerly waiting for Christmas presents. Leaning against the windowsill, they look out the windows, waiting for the first star to appear in the sky. Perhaps, we can get an inspiration from Scandinavian countries, where the houses are being decorated by hanging colorful lights, reeds, lace napkins or candies. The composition thus created will be a great decoration of our home and will be remembered by our kids for a long time.


Looking outside - the ideal Christmas view should be powdery snow, snowmen made and children riding on sleighs. Unfortunately, the climate in Poland in recent years is not able to guarantee white christmas , so since we can't enjoy it, at least it's worth creating a winter landscape by  sticking snowflakes, stars, sleighs and snowmen on the windows. Hand-made paper garlands or suspended baubles will add festive charm.

The Christmas decoration of the living room, kitchen or bedroom will complement the Christmas decoration outside. In addition to hanging lights, we can decorate the outer window sill with chains, baubles or artificial flowers, and hang a Christmas wreath on the door. All the decorations on the facade should form one composition and be an introduction to what is happening inside the house.

Family warmth.

The big advantage of window decorations is the simplicity of their implementation to which you only need to add a little bit of desire and creativity. All family members can be involved in the process of inventing and creating unforgettable decorations, and grandparents and grandchildren can work together on window stickers. It is the decorated rooms together with the smell of baking from the kitchen, the fire burning in the fireplace and the cheerful hum of conversations that will create a warm atmosphere for great Christmas atmosphere.