Windows in a modern barn

Modern architecture is increasingly focusing on simplifying the form,  that in designed single-family homes becomes bright, functional and energy-efficient. Following this trend, designers have redefined the concept of barn,  making it the home of the 21st century.


Simplicity and design


Until now, we associated the name of a barn with a utility room that was used in the countryside and in which grain was stored. Does this definition apply today? Absolutely not!

Currently, barns are architectural pearls created for modern passive single and multi-family houses. Scandinavian simplicity, perfect layout of the rooms and a large amount of glass and light are the hallmarks of modern barns. Their concept is to create a warm and inviting space in which the inmates spend time with pleasure and which is easily accessible to all users.




Landscape change

By referring to the archetype of the barn, permanently associated with Polish tradition, architects make our landscape more unpredictable and lively. Turning a barn into passive building that is very bright and equipped with energy-saving woodwork, has become an elementary change. In addition, the simplicity of the form, the materials used and the workmanship itself makes them much cheaper buildings than classic houses.

Modern barns are characterized by a steep gable roof, straight lines of the building and no eaves. Facade finishes are a combination of light, neutral shades of white, cream and wood, combined with dark colors - black, graphite or dark gray. The role of wood is also very important.

Scandinavian modern barns are an ideal proposition for anyone who wants to create a cozy space that inspires a feeling of peace and well-being.

This form of construction has been chosen by Northouse company, in their realizations in Meszna, a functional house-barn for the Richard Zajac - professional football player of Podbeskidzie Bielsko-Biała- and his family.


Windows for a modern home

Energy-saving PVC windows and HENSFORT aluminum windows have been designed to meet the expectations of  the most demanding investors. For them not only high thermal and acoustic insulation, safety and protection against burglary are important, but aesthetic values as well. Our windows meet the most stringent requirements of architects and investors, becoming an element of many bold designs, including modern barns.