PVC Doors

HENSFORT Arcade PVC patio doors

HENSFORT ARDCADE Terrace doors significantly increase the visible area of the room and provide a large amount of natural light. Aside from  aesthetic values, HENSFORT Arcade system guarantees safety thanks to galvanized steel reinforcements located in the frame and sash, and anti-theft striker plates. read more

HENSFORT Arcade PVC front doors

Arcade system will ensure safety, and thanks to good insulating parameters will provide a pleasant warmth. HENSFORT Arcade  has a wide range of colors and decorative patterns, so we can adapt it to any architectural style. read more

HENSFORT Prestige PVC patio doors

6 chamber PVC HENSFORT Prestige system guarantees excellent thermal insulation of entire doors, which means that they are extremely energy-efficient , and through the use of galvanized steel reinforcement  make the household much safer.  A modern and aesthetic appearance changes the character  of the whole house and perfectly connects the rooms with the garden or terrace. 


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The main advantage of 5 chamber HENSFORT PRESTIGE doors is their excellent insulation. They are resistant to damages and protect the house from burglars which is guaranteed by additional anti-burglary protection elements  in the glazing bead and reinforcements made of galvanized steel. HENSFORT Prestige doors are extremely stable and guarantee investors a long-term and flawless use.

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HENSFORT Tecnocor doors

Two and four-leaf solutions are available in the PVC HENSFORT Tecnocor system, thanks to which the aesthetics of the rooms are not disturbed. The undoubted advantage of the system is the ability to place glazes up to 28mm, so you can enjoy thermal and soundproofing parameters way in excess of other sliding door systems. read more


Thanks to the HENSFORT HST system the outsides  become the  part of your home. The transparent wall is no longer a dream but a reality. 6 meters long and 3 meters wide, moved with light hand movements gives a  fantastic connection between the house and the garden -or between the terrace and the chosen home space.

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HENSFORT PS Comfort PVC doors

HENSFORT PS Comfort tilt and slide doors allow you to form the space of rooms. It is a combination of sleekness, modernity large inflow of light into the room. Popular "shifts" are an ideal replacement for standard balcony openings, especially when you do not need both sash opening. read more

Aluminium doors

HENSFORT PE 78N aluminum doors

Shaping system with three-chamber profile structures with a fitting groove used in windows and balcony doors made of PVC profiles. The structural depth of sections for frames is 78 mm, and for sashes  - 86 mm. The use of multi-chamber 42 mm thermal separators  and a two-component central seal allows high thermal insulation. read more

HENSFORT PE 78N aluminium flush doors

HENSFORT  PE78N Flush system  is a solution for the most demanding customers – for creating special design doors with a smooth and flush leaf plane that helps the building to gain its individual character. 

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HENSFORT PE68 aluminium doors

The HENSFORT PE 68 aluminum system has a wide range of fittings, that enable the  construction of large structures. Thanks to the three-chamber profile construction system, it has very good thermal insulation parameters  that make the building warm and energy-efficient. read more

HENSFORT PT60 aluminium doors

The HENSFORT PT 60 aluminum system is used in outdoor installation and large-size buildings that require stable corner connections and many variants of door leaves. Thanks to these attributes as well as functionality and ease of assembly, the HENSFORT PT 60 aluminum system satisfies investors who are looking for the building with an unusual architectural composition. read more


The HENSFORT PE 50 system allows quick and easy installation of internal installations - light internal walls and glazing, doors or balconies. Thanks to the freedom of  the selection of fittings, the HENSFORT PE 50 aluminum window and door system allows you to give individual character to the rooms and create their usability. read more

HENSFORT PE 78EI aluminum fire-proof window

HENSFORT PE 78EI aluminum fire protective systems are a safe and effective fire-proof and smoke-proof enclosure. Special fireproof inserts provide fire resistance and give investors a guarantee that even the largest buildings are fully protected against the dangers of fires. read more

HENSFORT SL 1600tt aluminium doors

Lift-sliding doors HENSFORT SL 1600 TT is a way to get new, open spaces: the winter garden changes into a real garden, and the terrace or balcony are an extension of the living space. The profile's design allows large, stable structures to be created of up to 6 sashes, even with very heavy individual sashes


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