The HENSFORT PE 50 system will meet the expectations of investors shaping the character of unique interiors of modern office spaces, interesting arrangements in which glass and aluminum play a major role.

The HENSFORT PE 50 system allows quick and easy installation of internal installations - light internal walls and glazing, doors or balconies. Thanks to the freedom of  the selection of fittings, the HENSFORT PE 50 aluminum window and door system allows you to give individual character to the rooms and create their usability. Aluminum windows and doors HENSFORT PE 50 are used by investors in modern buildings with an  an unique character of open space given by glass and aluminium.


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The PE 50 system allows the use of glass fillings, aluminum panels, "sandwich" type infills, furniture boards as well as drywall and polycarbonate infills with thicknesses ranging from 1 to 40 mm. Design depth for door frames and leaves is from 52 to 60 mm. PE50 includes both rebated doors and flush doors equipped with a notch hinge. The advantage of axially mounted hinges is easy installation and the possibility for adjustments in three planes.

Aluminium shapes

  • EN AW-6060 per PN-EN 573-3 status T6 per PN-EN 515 Al Mg Si 0.5 F22 in line with DIN 1725 T1, DIN 17615T1


  • Single glazing or glazing unit with any type of glass or opaque panels

Surface finish

  • Powder coated with PE paints in line with the Qualicoat requirements, all RAL palette colours available.
  • Anodised version in the following colours: natural aluminium, olive, champagne, gold, “old gold”, brown – as per the Qualanod requirements.
  • Lacquered to “wood” colour


  • EPDM synthetic rubber in line with the 7863 standard and implementation of the standard in line with ISO 3302-01, E2


  • Standard classless insert
  • Standard colors RAL 9016MAT, RAL 8019MAT, RAL 9006, RAL 7016MAT

Noise reduction (for glazing 44.1/16/6)

  • According to RA2OK2 index 38 dB
  • According to RA1OK1 index 34 dB
  • According to RwRw index 39 dB

Standard equipment

  • Double-sided standard handle or standard handrail
  • 3 2-sashes hinges
  • Safe glazing VSG 33.1 
  • A single-point lock
  • Aluminum threshold  height 12mm

Optional equipment

  • Stainless steel handle, straight stainless steel pipe handrail, aluminum or stainless steel handle, door sign
  • Glazing from 1 mm to 40 mm  
  • Door closer with arm or rail, self-closing hidden
  • Electrocatch
  • Fingerprint reader, code keypad
  • Class "C" insoles
  • Any colors from the RAL palette, wood-like colors
  • Anti-theft pins

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