HENSFORT PE 78EI aluminum fire-proof window

Windows and door woodwork is one of the most important home investments. We entrust her the safety and comfort of living of the household residents. The HENSFORT PE 78EI system is a solution for very demanding investors.

HENSFORT PE 78EI aluminum fire protective systems are a safe and effective fire-proof and smoke-proof enclosure. Special fireproof inserts provide fire resistance and give investors a guarantee that even the largest buildings are fully protected against the dangers of fires. Thanks to the HENSFORT PE 78 EI system, investors can think about the safety of their buildings with complete tranquility.


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The profiles are filled with special fireproof inserts, 35 mm wide thermal breaks, two types of fireproof inserts - gypsum and aluminosilicate and smoke tightness in the Sa and Sm class according to PN-EN 13501-2. These are just selected features that distinguish the HENSFORT PE 78EI fireproof aluminum system.

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