HENSFORT SL 1600tt aluminium doors

Large glazing and open spaces are modern construction trends of which the HENSFORT SL 1600tt are perfect representative. This doors system creates beautiful connections that make the surroundings of the its interior.

Lift-sliding doors HENSFORT SL 1600 TT is a way to get new, open spaces: the winter garden changes into a real garden, and the terrace or balcony are an extension of the living space. The profile's design allows large, stable structures to be created of up to 6 sashes, even with very heavy individual sashes


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Construction of profiles allowing construction of large structures - even eight-sashes , corner connection with a movable post, the possibility of using automatic drives, are only selected features distinguishing aluminum doors in the HENSFORT SL 1600 system.

 Aluminium shapes

  • EN AW-6060 per PN-EN 573-3 status T66 per PN-EN 515 Al Mg Si 0.5 F22 per DIN 1725 T1, DIN 17615 T1


  • EPDM synthetic rubber in line with the 7863 standard and implementation of the standard in line with ISO 3302-01, E2


  • PONZIO and G-U fittings

Leavf depth

  • 67 mm

Door frame depth

  • for 2 rails: 160 mm, for 3 rails: 247 mm


  • Single glazing or glazing unit with any type of glass or opaque panel, up to 51 mm thick

Surface finish

  • Powder coated with PE paints in line with the Qualicoat requirements, all RAL palette colours available.
  • Anodised version in the following colours: natural aluminium, olive, champagne, gold, “old gold”, brown – as per the Qualanod requirements.
  • Lacquered to “wood” colour

Frame heat transfer coefficient

  • Uf – from 1.8 W/(m2·K) (SL 1600tt HI)

With thermal spacing element

  • 34 mm + 24 mm / 24 mm + 24 mm

Approvals and quality certificates

  • Initial Type Testing in line with PN-EN 14351 +A1, burglary protection class test results: RC2 class per PN-EN 1627

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