HENSFORT Arcade PVC patio doors

The HENSFORT Arcade doors perfectly combine the interior of the house with the garden or terrace, creating a modern and aesthetic appearance of the whole.

HENSFORT ARDCADE Terrace doors significantly increase the visible area of the room and provide a large amount of natural light. Aside from  aesthetic values, HENSFORT Arcade system guarantees safety thanks to galvanized steel reinforcements located in the frame and sash, and anti-theft striker plates.  HENSFORT ARCADE PVC doors have been equipped with  selected fittings thus are very light and comfortable to use, allowing a gentle movement of opening and closing.


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A unique two-point glazing bead , three latches – permanent pressure across the complete height of the doors , a single-chamber double glazing unit, these are just selected features that distinguish the HENSFORT ARCADE patio doors system.

 Profile Deceuninck

  • Pb-free profile
  • Installation width: 71 mm, 5 chambers
  • Available variants: non-flush leaf
  • Assembly height: 114 mm
  • Unique, double point glazing bar
  • Glazing widths: 24 to 40 mm
  • Profile thermal performance – frame/sash Uf = 1.4 W/(m2·K), Threshold / Sash Uf = 1.8 W/(m2K)


  • White; standard colours; custom colours, duo colours
  • Grey profile base core – the solution is unique on the market (only for models grey on both sides)


  • Galvanised steel reinforcements
  • Open reinforcement in frame and sash
  • White profiles with 1.5 mm reinforcement in frame and sash
  • Coloured profile reinforcement (1.5 mm frame; 2 mm sash)


  • Automatic sliding system MACO WITH-TF
  • Three latches – permanent pressure across the complete height of the doors
  • Two rotary mushroom cams
  • Two security striker plates
  • Intrusion resistance up to RC2
  • JOCKER hinges


  • Single chamber unit
  • Aluminium bar in the glazing unit

Colours and design

Dark Oak
Golden Oak

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