The HENSFORT PF152 ESG Facade System is designed for light curtain walls and structures requiring open spaces. The modern appearance, creates  a smooth and uniform wall, separated by small lines that makes the building modern and perfectly blends it into the business environment. HENSFORT PF152 ESG facades can be seen in many banks and business centers.

HENSFORT PE 152 HI facade

The HENSFORT PE152 HI façade system  enables the light curtain walls of the post and lintels  allows free shaping of the elevation appearance in terms of both color and geometry. It works perfectly in difficult weather conditions, providing buildings with protection against wind and its water tightness providing  thermal and acoustic insulation as well.


This post and lintel system is ideal for constructing structural walls, and is classed in the RMG 1.0 material group. The wall structure is based on full posts, half posts and lintels 52mm wide. This system allows construction of uniform and smooth outside glass walls separated only by 16 mm vertical and horizontal lines.