HENSFORT PT 152 fire-proof aluminium facade

The façades in the HENSFORT PT 152 fire protection system form the facades of banks, companies, shopping malls, sports halls and other public utility buildings. They are a perfect answer for demanding expectations of architects who want to create space in the objects with large glazing.

Safety and unique design of building facades are the main requirements of modern architecture. Large glazed surfaces require an appropriate fire resistance class. Fire-proof  HENSFORT PT 152 facade ensures the safety of buildings, thanks to the system of curtain walls and post and lintel walls with high fire resistance.

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The system received a classification in the field of fire resistance of curtain walls in full configuration. This system is classed as fire resistant for full setup curtain walls. After tests with heating on the inside and on the outside, the system was classed as EI 60 and EI 30 respectively. This system can be used to build fire curtain walls with glazed and spandrel mezzanine floors. For infills, EI 30 or EI 60 glazing from the majority of commercially available manufacturers can be installed (single or as a unit).

Aluminium shapes

  • Internal reinforcement shapes with fire protection inserts, complete with special post and lintel connectors which ensure structural load-bearing strength during a fire.


  • Fire resistant single or unit glazing using EI 30 or EI 60 class materials, opaque infills, with expanding strips for protecting heat separators and for sealing the joints between the structure and glazing, or other filling elements, to obtain the fire strength and fire insulation properties.

Surface finish 

  • All RAL colours available (standard colours: white RAL 9016MAT, bronze RAL 8019MAT, silver RAL 9006, and grey RAL 7016MAT)
  • Wood colours: cherry, antique oak, dorato, apple, mahogany, walnut, groundnut, pine, old oak, cherry, and golden oak
  • Anodised in the following colours: gold, dark brown, champagne, or natural aluminium

Approvals and quality certificates

  • 1561/10/RO3NP “Classification for curtain wall fire resistance for the Ponzio PF 152 system in full and partial setups by Ponzio Polska Sp .z o.o.”
  • Fire resistance classed as LBO-576-K/14
  • The system is available with component class EI60 and EI30

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