Stanisław Cinal, Chief Operational Officer at HENSFORT

Well known in window industry, Stanisław Cinal, from January 2019 become a Chief Operational Officer s at HENSFORT Sp. z o.o. Based on long and prolific experience, he is responsible for the implementation of Lean Manufacturing as a method of optimizing production processes, increasing…

Elegante window profile awarded by the experts.

As every year, companies from the window and door woodwork industry present their new products, advertise their thermal insulation values, safety and design. However, the objective oppinion can come from expert environments that help architects, builders and end-users to verify the real product…

Security and innovation as the leitmotif at Made Expo 2019

From 13th to 16th March 2019 Milan was the host of the one of the largest European construction industry events - Made Expo 2019. Among the leading European producers of window and door woodwork. Basing on 10 years of presence on the Italian market it was an occasion to get familiar with the…

HENSFORT Elegante premiere at the Made Expo 2019 Fair in Milan

From 13-16th of March in Milan one of the largest European construction industry events will be held, namely Made Expo 2019 fair. Among the leading European manufacturers of window and door joinery, there will be HENSFORT company from Przemyśl which products are present on italian market for…

NEW: Woodec in the HENSFORT color palette

A new wood-like structure of PVC windows in fashionable Scandinavian colors. A fashionable Scandinavian style has conquered the interiors of houses and their external surroundings, and this will not change in next years. Simple shapes and patterns together with bright colors made Woodec extremely…


For the twelfth time, in consultation with the editors of the monthly Forbes magazine , Bisnode Poland company has compiled a list of the most dynamically developing companies in Poland.All companies that are on the list can pronounce themselves with the prestigious title of Forbes Diamonds. Among…

A club sponsored by HENSFORT will play a match against FC Barcelona!

On February 18, 2019, next to the legendary stadium of FC Barcelona - Camp Nou the youth team of Eaglets Hensfort  Przemyśl (year 2008), will play a match with their peers from the "Pride of Catalonia” academy.

Another HENSFORT salon in SLOVAKIA

Slovekon salon is the second sales point  of HENSFORT window and door joinery which is from now on open in Slovakia. In the first half of the year HENSFORT made its debut in Zilina, and from December investors can visit the salon of the Polish window brand in Vlachy.

HENSFORT joins the Safe Home coalition.

On October 18, 2018, the National Woodwork Forum was held at the National Stadium in Warsaw. 250 people from up to 140 companies, had a chance to check the annual results and the leaders of woodwork industry. The forum gave also an opportunity to summarize the activities of Safe Home programme…

Hensfort window joinery with RC2 resistance class

Nearly 80% of burglaries are carried out by balancing windows and doors. Therefore, we can not say that our house is safe unless our windows and doors are safe. In the interest of the safety of its customers, the Hensfort brand, based on the certificate issued by SIEGENIA, has been approved for the…