Another HENSFORT salon in SLOVAKIA

Slovekon salon is the second sales point  of HENSFORT window and door joinery which is from now on open in Slovakia. In the first half of the year HENSFORT made its debut in Zilina, and from December investors can visit the salon of the Polish window brand in Vlachy.

HENSFORT joins the Safe Home coalition.

On October 18, 2018, the National Woodwork Forum was held at the National Stadium in Warsaw. 250 people from up to 140 companies, had a chance to check the annual results and the leaders of woodwork industry. The forum gave also an opportunity to summarize the activities of Safe Home programme…

Hensfort window joinery with RC2 resistance class

Nearly 80% of burglaries are carried out by balancing windows and doors. Therefore, we can not say that our house is safe unless our windows and doors are safe. In the interest of the safety of its customers, the Hensfort brand, based on the certificate issued by SIEGENIA, has been approved for the…

HENSFORT awarded during the 25th anniversary of INOUTIC / Deceuninck

On October 18, the 25th anniversary of the INOUTIC / Deceuninck company in Poland was held at the Congress Center of the Warszawianka Hotel in Jachranka. The culmination point of the ceremony was the award ceremony for the company partners who contributed to the Inoutic success. Two statuettes…

Investment with Hensfort windows won the prestigious Pearl of Cracow award.

The Pearl of Cracow award selects the most beautiful and environmentally friendly investments in Cracow. It is organized by a a special group made up of journalists, experts and the local government of Cracow. This year, Piasta Park investment equipped with Hensfort joinery is among the winners.

Hensfort opens salon in Slovakia

Żilina is the first map-point in Slovakia, where the salon of the Polish window joinery manufacturer under the Hensfort brand was opened. The company continues the European expansion strategy, offering its products also in Germany, France, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Hensfort debuts in Great Britain

At the end of this year ,the luxury Compass Apartments in London, will be equipped with Polish joinery. The investment located near Canary Wharf, the business center of the city, will be the real showpiece of this modern district and the first building project with windows and doors delivered by…