HENSFORT at the finish line of the Przemyśl 10 km run.

On September 22, 2019, over 800 runners from all over Poland gathered on the historic Przemyśl square to take part in the seventh edition of the "Przemyska Dycha"  run, organized by the Przemyśl Club Runner Association. In this year's run, HENSFORT was represented by a large group of employees from sales, marketing, technology, production and logistics departments.

Beautiful Sundary morning in Przemyśl gathered those willing to participate in the event, which brings together several family generations, numerous professional groups, children, seniors and people with disabilities.

From the beginning of the existence of the run, our idea was to promote an active lifestyle and provide positive emotions for entire families. It is encouraging that "Przemyska Dycha" is supported by sponsors who not only help in its organization, but also run in it - comments Mieczysław Jałocha, Race Director, Vice President of the Przemyśl  Runners Club Association.

HENSFORT company on a 10-kilometer route was represented by 12 competitors, who work in commercial, marketing, technology, production and logistics departments on a daily basis. Among them, the best result was obtained by HENSFORT Logistics Department Manager - Kamil Baran, who crossed the finish line with a time of 43 minutes and 55 seconds.

Image removed.As a company, we are associated with supporting young athletes and initiatives encouraging physical activity. This time we decided as one team to take the challenge and fight for the best results. Healthy and ambitious competition, mutual motivation, a sense of unity - these are the values ​​that guide us not only during the run, but also in everyday work - says Jacek Wach, Marketing Director at HENSFORT Sp. z o.o