HENSFORT intensifies his sales in Benelux countries.

The ending year has brought new challenges for the joinery industry. The increasing position of Polish woodwork producers means that competition in Europe is growing and requires expanding new markets. In the case of the manufacturer of energy-efficient windows, HENSFORT, intensification of sales activities undertaken in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The unquestioned position of Polish joinery manufacturers as a export export leader means that  to major receivers such as Germany, Italy, France and the Czech Republic, join Benelux countries. What  characterizes the windows from these countries are atributes such as large glazings, different windows  frames and window sashes, and completely different mullion.

Image removed. The specific architecture in the Netherlands and Belgium means the market requires patience , adaptation time and gaining the trust of customers. Thanks to our long-term strategy we have already make a next step and now we are permanently delivering our products to Belgium and the Netherlands - says Paweł Zatorski, Commercial Director at HENSFORT

Polish windows are known for their very good thermal insulation parameters, which together with the growing energy efficiency and energy saving constructions  trend in the Benelux contribute to the growth of the sales.

- We plan to open more distribution points in the Netherlands and Belgium, but we also try to  meet the expectations of individual customers and we include HENSFORT products on a special web sales platform. It helps us to carefully evaluate the consumption need, and in this platform we see chances for further expansion - adds Paweł Zatorski.