Ladies and Gentlemen, at HENSFORT Sp. z o.o. we strive to ensure the safety of both our customers and team members concerned with COVID-19 virus threat and we take additional precautions to ensure their health and well-being . Like our partners, we carefully monitor the situation and follow the recommendations. We also keep members of our team informed about the best practices of caring for their own health and the health of loved ones.

Because of the above:
• We limit personal contacts to the minimum necessary (we avoid handshakes and practice social distance).
• We introduce remote work in some areas of our business.
• We recommend cleaning and disinfecting your hands frequently.
• We include all requests for a new personal meeting date for the convenience of our clients and team members.

We understand your concerns regarding delivery and assembly times. If you have questions or plan to change the dates of meetings - we encourage you to contact the representatives of HENSFORT Sp. z o.o. Our production facility is still operating with precautions. However, if current events affect our production or delivery schedules, we will inform you as soon as possible.