Stanisław Cinal, Chief Operational Officer at HENSFORT

Well known in  window industry, Stanisław Cinal, from January 2019  become a Chief Operational Officer s at HENSFORT Sp. z o.o. Based on long and prolific  experience, he is responsible for the implementation of Lean Manufacturing as a method of optimizing production processes, increasing production efficiency, shortening the duration of this process, and limiting excessive stocks.


Stanisław Cinal has several years of successfull  cooperation with window and door joinery producers . He started his career  at OKNOPLAST, where he was the Chief of the Realization Process, and then he led lean projects in companies such as  Sokółka, Dobroplast and IPD Bankeryd / Jonkoping (Inwido group). The growing importance of lean manufacturing had been spotted and observed by Cinal  at Internorm factories in Tuln and Sarleinsbach in Austria, from where he gain professional inspiration.

I decided to join HENSFORT and I will adopt lean manufacturing as a way to optimize costs and increase the level of service for our clients. We fully subordinate the areas of production, quality and the supply chain to this philosophy. Our priority for the coming year is to serve the market demands on the best possible level with minimal operating costs. The principle of the so-called continental improvement will consistently leadi us to operational excellence. This approach should provide us with permanent organic growth,  good dynamics and improved processes - saysStanisław Cinal.

Extensive knowledge of the so-called slim management, was also used by Cinal during  the construction of the factory of the British corporation IMI Plc. in Poland. The construction process was carried out according to the Cinal's idea  together with Leif Repo , and based on a business model assuming a very low cost budget. To this day, this factory has the highest lean rating from among 130 IMI plc plants all over the world.

At the end of 2018, Stanisław Cinal started cooperation with  HENSFORT company and prepared a project focusing on improving productivity and  the quality of products. In both areas it brought very satisfactory and rapid results.

At HENSFORT  I found a truly unique, open, supportive team that compiles perfectly the crew, managment and the Board. It's a very good environment with great potential. I believe that we will be able to do a lot in this team - concludes S. Cinal.



In the last two years, the company has carried on  significant changes in the organizational structure. Paweł Zatorski strengthened the company with his lonfterm industry experience becoming the Commercial Director, while Jacek Wach, who previously served as marketing manager in technology companies, became the Marketing Director.

Andrzej Pichur has been the President of the Management Board of HENSFORT for more than  20 years, and the management consists of: Krzysztof Gala - General Director, Marcin Wenzel - Development Director and Rafał Tyszczak - Deputy Commercial Director.

HENSFORT is one of the leading Polish producers of PVC  and aluminum windows. The company's products distinguished by high thermal insulation are valued not only in Poland, but also in Germany, France, Italy, the UK. Britain, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the United States. In the investment segment, the  energy-efficient windows producer  has worked, with such companies as SKANSKA, ROBYG, Wawel Service, Northouse, Apklan, Wikana and ERBUD.