Windows are one of the most important elements of each building, which significantly affect the energy standard of the building and the comfort of its residents and users. Their choice should be carefully thought out and aware. Some  windows will work in an apartment on the first floor, others in a detached house outside the city, and others in an office or an industrial hall. Energy-efficient  HENSFORT PVC and aluminum windows have been designed to meet the expectations of demanding investors for whom not only high thermal and acoustic insulation or technical parameters are important,  but also aesthetic values. Our windows meet the most stringent requirements of architects and investors, becoming part of many bold projects.

PVC windows

HENSFORT Reysol PVC window

HENSFORT Reysol is our reason to be proud, the effect of many years of hard work ended in  creating a unique window that meets the expectations of the most demanding investors. The unique design emphasizes the style of the buildings and gives them an individual expression. read more

HENSFORT Civis PVC window

HENSFORT Civis has become one of the most popular PVC window systems over the years, both in the company offer as well as the entire woodwork market. It is applicable both in individual homes and developer flats. CIVIS is well known for his energy efficiency, unleaded profile and equipment with anti-theft hooks.


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HENSFORT Ecoreina PVC window

The PVC HENSFORT Ecoreina system helps to significantly reduce heating bills and ensure comfortable conditions for household members. HENSFORT ECOREINA has gained recognition among investors who care about ecology and  build their homes with environmental care. read more

HENSFORT Aluclip PVC window

The PVC window system with an aluminum overlay  is dedicated to the  investors looking for a modern design and resistance to inconvenient weather conditions and pollution. The plastic HENSFORT Aluclip system is both ecological (unleaded profile) and economical( alternative for aluminium windows). read more

HENSFORT Renovation PVC Window

The renovation profile enables easy and clean installation of windows in historic buildings, without interfering with the old window frames. The minimum height of the frame provides additional light in the room, maintaining maximum insulation values at the same time. read more

HENSFORT Profit PVC Window

Thanks to the TITAN AF fittings, HENSFORT Profit ensures reliability, safety and comfortable conditions of use. The feature that distinguishes the system is the lead-free profile created thanks to recycling and the gray core of its base that allows you to create a window with a subdued and elegant color. read more

HENSFORT Leader PVC window

The plastic window in the HENSFORT Leader and HENSFORT Leader Plus systems guarantees complete safety, comfort and energy efficiency of houses and flats. For a dozen of years the best specialists worked for the development of  the profile and made the HENSFORT Leader window one of the most popular products in the HENSFORT PVC windows offer. read more

HENSFORT Prestige PVC window

The  most demanding investors by choosing HENSFORT PRESTIGE expect  to have  untypical and individualized windows that are resistant to all atmospheric inconveniences. read more

Novelty - HENSFORT Elegant PVC Window

The unique functional parameters and modern, elegant design makes Elegant a complete market  breakthrough in the style of PVC windows  In the flush version, Elegant is a visual alternative to aluminum windows, and thanks to the wide range of colors it will allow easy choice of the profile for any type of building. Minimalism, slim, straight lines, and elegance.

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Kömmerling 76 AD

The 76 mm double and centre seal systems are ideal for renovations and new buildings. The small construction depth and the slender profile sight lines offer the best advantages for renovations.

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Aluminium windows

HENSFORT PE78N aluminium window

Shaping system with three-chamber profile structures with a fitting groove used in windows and balcony doors made of PVC profiles. The structural depth of sections for frames is 78 mm, and for sashes  - 86 mm. The use of multi-chamber 42 mm thermal separators  and a two-component central seal allows high thermal insulation. read more

HENSFORT PE96 aluminium window

HENSFORT PE96 aluminum system has the highest thermal insulation parameters, used in passive buildings and households focused  on energy efficiency. The HENSFORT PE 96 system features a wide range of glazing and a two-component gasket. Thanks to these attributes, HENSFORT PE 96 provides warmth and protection even in the most inconvenient  weather conditions. read more

HENSFORT PE 68 aluminum window

Thanks to the three-chamber profile construction system, it has very good thermal insulation parameters  that make the building warm and energy-efficient. Moreover, the compatibility of the profiles allows easy connection between doors and the site which allows the creation of many facade variants. read more

HENSFORT PE60 aluminium window

The HENSFORT PE 60  aluminum system is used in outdoor installation and large-size buildings that require stable corner connections and many variants of door leaves. Thanks to these attributes as well as functionality and ease of assembly, the HENSFORT PE60  aluminum system satisfies investors who are dreaming of the buiding with an unusual architectural composition. read more

HENSFORT PE 50 aluminium window

The HENSFORT PE 50 system allows quick and easy installation of internal installations - light internal walls and glazing, doors or balconies. Thanks to the freedom of  the selection of fittings, the HENSFORT PE 50 aluminum window and door system allows you to give individual character to the rooms and create their usability. read more

HENSFORT PE 78EI aluminum fire-proof window

HENSFORT PE 78EI aluminum fire protective systems are a safe and effective fire-proof and smoke-proof enclosure. Special fireproof inserts provide fire resistance and give investors a guarantee that even the largest buildings are fully protected against the dangers of fires. read more