Aluminium windows

HENSFORT PE60 aluminium window

The HENSFORT PE 60  aluminum system is used in outdoor installation and large-size buildings that require stable corner connections and many variants of door leaves. Thanks to these attributes as well as functionality and ease of assembly, the HENSFORT PE60  aluminum system satisfies investors who are dreaming of the buiding with an unusual architectural composition.

HENSFORT PE 50 aluminium window

The HENSFORT PE 50 system allows quick and easy installation of internal installations - light internal walls and glazing, doors or balconies. Thanks to the freedom of  the selection of fittings, the HENSFORT PE 50 aluminum window and door system allows you to give individual character to the rooms and create their usability.

HENSFORT PE78N aluminium window

Shaping system with three-chamber profile structures with a fitting groove used in windows and balcony doors made of PVC profiles. The structural depth of sections for frames is 78 mm, and for sashes  - 86 mm. The use of multi-chamber 42 mm thermal separators  and a two-component central seal allows high thermal insulation.