Facades in the HENSFORT 152 ESG system form the facades of banks, companies, shopping malls, sports halls and other public utility buildings. They are a perfect answer for demanding expectations of architects who want to create space in the objects with large glazing.

The HENSFORT PF152 ESG Facade System is designed for light curtain walls and structures requiring open spaces. The modern appearance, creates  a smooth and uniform wall, separated by small lines that makes the building modern and perfectly blends it into the business environment. HENSFORT PF152 ESG facades can be seen in many banks and business centers. However, it can be seen more often and often in private investors households.

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Frameless curtain walls based on a structural adhesion system. This is a system for constructing lightweight curtain walls and other spatial structures. The Ponzio PF 152 post and lintel structure system acts as a load-bearing element for the structures, complete with a wide range of profiles available. Ponzio PF152 ESG creates a flush, smooth glass wall, separated with vertical and horizontal lines – 22mm wide (when used with weather resistant silicone) or 28mm wide (when used with a systemic closing seal). Double and three-layer glazing is possible.

Aluminium shapes

  • EN AW-6060 per PN-EN 573-3 status T6 per PN-EN 515 Al Mg Si 0.5 F22 per DIN 1725 T1, DIN 17615 T1

Heat insulation

  • Heat transfer coefficient, Uf = 1.45-1.65 W/(m2 K)


  • Single glazing or glazing unit with any type of glass or opaque panel, thickness  26, 28 mm possibility of 3-unit glazing (glazing thickness 60 mm) 

Surface finish

  • Powder coated with PE paints in line with the Qualicoat requirements, all RAL palette colours available.
  • Anodised version in the following colours: natural aluminium, olive, champagne, gold, “old gold”, brown – as per the Qualanod requirements.
  • Lacquered to “wood” colour


  • EPDM synthetic rubber in line with the 7863 standard and implementation of the standard in line with ISO 3302-01, E2


  • We install only fittings made by reputable companies, such as: Fapim, Savio, Geze, Security Style, etc.

Approvals and quality certificates

  • introductory exams  in line with  PN-EN 13830

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