HENSFORT Reysol PVC window

PVC HENSFORT window Reysol is a flagship product of our company - a unique , exclusive and the warmest window in our offer.

HENSFORT Reysol is our reason to be proud, the effect of many years of hard work ended in  creating a unique window that meets the expectations of the most demanding investors. The unique design emphasizes the style of the buildings and gives them an individual expression. The Reysol window has the highest thermal insulation parameters Uw = 0.66 W / (m2 · K), which in combination with a warm composite reinforcement in the frame makes HENSFORT REYSOL one of the warmest and most energy-efficient windows on the market.


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All security striker plates, standard Siegenia Axxent 24+ covered hinges, warm SSP Ultimate frame and warm composite reinforcement are just some of the features that distinguish the HENSFORT REYSOL window system.

Profil Deceuninck

  • Lead-free profile
  • Not-visible parts of the profile made of EcoPowerCore material (recycled material profile)
  • Profile depth 84 mm, 6 chambers
  • Offset sash type
  • Unique, two point glazing bead
  • Built-up height 120 mm
  • Thermal insulation of the window Uw=0,66 W/(m2·K) (for a referenced window)


  • White, standard colours, non-standard colours, duocolours 
  • Grey extrusion: unique on the market (only for grey colours on both sides)


  • Warm composite reinforcement in the frame 
  • Steel reinforcement in the a sash
  • NAZ 184 reinforcement of a sash as an option, making large constructions possible

SIEGENIA Titan AF fittings

  • Mushroom cam 
  • Micro-ventilation
  • Sash lift 
  • Wrong handle position safety lock
  • All security striker plates
  • Additional reinforcement option RC2
  • Siegenia Axxent 24+ covered hinges
  • Hoppe Secustic handle


  • Standard glazing unit Ug=0,4 W/(m2K) filled with krypton
  •  Warm frame SSP Ultimate

Colours and design

Black Oak
Golden Oak

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