Windows in the HENSPROline76 MD system are the ideal choice for an energy-efficient, passive house. The system not only meets current energy-saving requirements, but will also provide quality and security for the future.

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HENSFORT has been developing the process of creating differentiated and aesthetically demanding plastic and aluminium windows and doors for over 20 years. The expansion of the product portfolio, the introduction of new systems, investments in production halls, modern research and development facilities and its own logistical fleet translate into the successive development of the HENSFORT brand in European and North American countries.

The quality of the products offered by the company has been repeatedly verified by renowned developers during the realisation of demanding investments. We have been awarded the prestigious Diamond title by the editors of the Forbes magazine four times. We were awarded prizes at trade fairs in Paris, Nuremberg, Milan, Lviv and Poznań. The number of cities in which our windows and doors are installed is countless.

We are convinced that you will soon be among the thousands of satisfied customers. 

Thank you for choosing HENSFORT products!


Technical specification


  • Lead-free profile
  • Recycled profile
  • Installation width: 76 mm, 6 chambers
  • Unfolded sash
  • Folding height: 116 mm
  • Product with three gaskets
  • Thermal insulation of window Uw = 0.78 W/(m²-K) (for reference window with glazing Ug = 0.5 and SSP Advance warm frame)


  • White; wide range of veneer colours


  • Turn handle
  • Microventilation
  • Sash lift
  • Handle misalignment lock
  • 2 anti-theft strikers
  • Can be upgraded to RC2 class
  • Hoppe Secustic handle


  • Glazing width: 16-51 mm
  • Standard glazing package: Ug = 0.5 W/(m²-K)
  • SSP Advance warm frame


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