HENSFORT obtains PAS24

It is with great satisfaction that we can announce that HENSFORT company obtained the receipt of PAS24 - enhanced security performance requirements for doorset and windows in the UK

PAS 24 is a security standard that can only be given to a company after the product has undergone thorough testing and has been assessed for high security performance levels. Aluminium and PVC products of HENSFORT have a proof that they can withstand specific break-in methods of burglars in the UK. Designed to test that windows and doors can endure break-in methods used by intruders, PAS 24 can only be obtained after a product has been put through rigorous testing against high security standards.

Tests carried out by UL Testing have also proven that HENSFORT aluminium and plastic products are resistant to adverse weather conditions and have been awarded the Performance of windows and doors classification and guidance for weather tightness annual audit certificate.

HENSFORT is one of the polish leaders in joinery export. The brand operates on 9 european markets as well as in USA and in Canada. In 2021 HENSFORT windows and doors played a massive part in revitalisation of Huddersfield city center. 


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