Another HENSFORT realization in USA

Over the past three years, door and facade window manufacturer HENSFORT has been successively developing its investment portfolio in the United States. Thanks to decisions on the range of products offered and appropriate logistics management, it has been possible to significantly intensify sales activities in the US. This time, the windows of the Przemysl manufacturer went to an exclusive property in New Jersey.  

So far, Polish window and door manufacturers have been the undisputed export leader in Europe. For several years now, as part of a consistently implemented development strategy, HENSFORT has decided to export its products to the US market. The most recent project was the installation of HENSFORT PVC windows in an exclusive house in New Jersey 

Patiently built export strategy and quick response to changes in the world, gave us the opportunity to expand our customer network and export top quality HENSFORT products to the US.  Although our main area of activity is European markets, we consistently design new technologies in such a way that they are innovative and interesting not only on a continental scale. We consider orders for our joinery as an appreciation of the market, which is the world's largest importer of building materials, and the investment in New Jersey is the best confirmation of this, especially since we had American manufacturers as our competitors," explains Andrzej Mazur, Commercial Director of HENSFORT. 



In addition to the US and Canada, the Przemysl-based manufacturer's windows, doors and facades are exported to nine European countries, including Germany, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Benelux countries. In 2016, HENSFORT windows, distinguished by their high thermal insulation performance, were shipped to the USA for the first time, and in 2020 HENSFORT Elegant windows scored their debut in this market. 


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