The holiday and vacation period shoud give us time of pleasure and relax away from everyday worries. Unfortunately, we usually stay outside the home and leave him unattended, which makes him an ideal target for thieves. So what to do before leaving, through our house was safe? We bring you five tips: 

1. Buy safe windows.

80 % of hacks are made with the help of balancing windows and doors! Find out if your windows meet the requirements of carpentry safety classes. For example, RC2 windows will cause thieves much more trouble than the standard windows. In the case of RC2 anti-theft protection class, the window must meet all basic levels of protection and must have two additional locking points. Such windows are available for effective applications before hacking attempts using simple tools, e.g. a screwdriver, pliers, wedge.

2. Inform your neighbors.

Before leaving tell your  neighbor about your absence, a vigilant neighbor can be the best way to protect your home from danger.

3. Safe glass is the basis.

Windows are most vulnerable to a thief. Safe windows, they are resistant to impact of even several-kilogram hammers or axes. In the case of attempted theft or burglary, the safety glass leaves sufficient time for intervention or the use of an alarm. They also allow you to avoid the obligation to close the blinds during a short absence. It is offered before you go to a consultant whether you have a secure faster package.

4. Make sure all  windows are locked.

Often, in the heat of preparation, we forget about the most prosaic things like closing windows or doors. Even slightly repealed windows can give the thief a chance to get home.


5. Tell your family and friends about your trip.

If you are on holiday with , tell about you absence to the people you trust and ask them for help! Give them the keys to the apartments and keep in touch with them. All they have to do is drive past the house, visit home for couple of minute or collect the mails. Don't leave the house alone!

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