Effector Beauty Effect decorative glass

The Effector Beauty Effect decorative glass uses ornamental glass with limited transparency resulting from the scattering of the light rays on its surface. It is widely used in residential and industrial construction because of its excellent performance and decorative features, such as glazing in partition walls and doors in various locations in public buildings and in thermal insulation units. The wide range of designs and colours allows architects and users to freely shape residential and industrial areas. Ornamental glass is manufactured using continuous rolling, where one of the rollers has the pattern to be engraved on the surface of the glass. The effects of partial masking or darkening can be achieved by colouring the glass mixture brown or by selecting a more or less discrete pattern. Some of the light reaching the ornamental glass is reflected and some dispersed, which determines the shape and size of the decorative pattern. The play between these two effects results in different levels of visible flicker and darkness. Ornamental glass stops only a little more light than clear glass.


  • Possibility to obtain various light effects and different levels of darkness.

  • Five levels of privacy from 1 (least cover) to 5 (most cover).

  • Wide choice of patterns.

  • Unique decorative features.

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