Effector Lamino Effect laminated safety glass

This offers various functions depending on the structure of the glazing, such as intrusion protection, lower risk of injury by glass shards after breakage and the risk of falling out. Due to the fact that safety glass is thicker than the secondary glass included in the unit and is laminated with PVB film with some sound absorbing properties, the Effector Lamino Effect glass feature increased protection against noise. Lamino Effect also filters most UV rays, which ensures maximum protection for all interior items exposed to direct sunlight.

Laminated glass is used for the Effector Lamino Effect (in line with PN-EN ISO 12543-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Laminated glass and laminated safety glass), which consists of two or more panes joined together by means of one or more PVB films. The joining process takes place in an autoclave at approx. 115°C and at a pressure of approx. 10 ATM. Before that, during preparation of the glass for adhesion, the air is pumped out from the space between panes where the PVB film is already installed.

Characteristics of laminated glass:

  • In the case of glass breakage, the PVB film or films keep the pieces of glass in place.
  • By varying the number and thickness of the layers, we can make laminated glass with different physical characteristics,
  • The PVB films are available in colourless, non-transparent and coloured versions (in some cases); it is also possible to laminate print or graphics between the panes.


Features of Effector Lamino Effect glass:


Depending on the design of the laminated glass used in the Effector Lamino Effect glazing, the unit can offer any intrusion protection level according to PN-EN 356 by defining the type of strength test the glass has to pass to obtain the particular safety level. The test involves one or multiple impacts with a steel ball (3x) with a weight of 4.11 kg falling freely from a predefined height (from 1.5 m to 9 m) on a glass test piece (1100 x 900 mm) placed horizontally. The combined impact points form an equilateral triangle with 13 cm sides. The fall height varies depending on the glass class. The ball should not penetrate the glass even after the third impact.

Using Effector Lamino Effect glass you can guarantee safety for your home, your assets and people; this glass actually delays the intruder’s actions and discourages them. In the event of attempted theft or intrusion, these glazing units give enough time for intervention or activation of an alarm system. They also allow you to leave your windows without shutting the blinds for short absences. Limits the risk of injury in the event of an accidental impact.



After an accidental cracking of an Effector Lamino Effect glazing unit including laminated glass, the glass wall does not fall out and the wall components stay coherent in order to avoid the risk of injury, especially in the case of a fall. This security solution is often mandatory for public places, schools, kindergartens and cars, but is also justified for use in housing structures in order to ensure the safety of the inhabitants.


Contemporary trends in architecture place growing focus on roof glazing bars, which help to make rooms visually larger, enable better use to be made of sunlight, as well as improving the level of comfort and interior aesthetics. A porch is an excellent example of an area for safe use of sunlight, without being exposed to the wind and cold. Roof glazing must comply with the requirements relating to safety, thermal insulation and sunlight protection, and if an object does fall on the roof glazing, the safety glass stops it and prevents glass shards from falling on anyone in the room.


With the available dimensions, fitting methods and supports strictly in line with the requirements and current regulations, the glass provides structural stability in case of breakage and stopping the impact force on the glass. This type of glass is good for elements under windows, for protective rails as well as for wall glazing.

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