A passive house is one of the most-used formulations in contemporary architecture. Nowadays they are gradually transforming into a building standard. What is a passive house and what are its main advantages?

Thousands of passive houses have already been built in Europe and Poland, and yet many investors are still unfamiliar with this name and do not know the benefits of building a passive house. They are not aware what they loose!

Joinery - a key choice

By definition, a passive house must be designed in a way that  needs less than 15 kWh / m² per year for heating. The key to achieving high thermal comfort at low energy costs is to provide the so-called energy efficiency of the passive house as a whole and its individual elements. Energy efficiency is guaranteed by the compact and simple form of the building, the use of renewable energy sources, very good insulation, adequate ventilation, and especially energy-efficient woodwork. For a passive house, the heat transfer coefficient must not exceed 0.8 W / (m2K)). For example, the standards of a passive house are easily met by the HENSFORT Reysol system. Its coefficient is 0.66 W / m2 · K and provides a reduction in the amount of the heating bill, because it retains energy in the house and prevents it from penetrating outside.

Energy and ecology

Large glazing also plays an important role in the construction of a passive house. The southern part of the house should be glazed and provide as much natural light as possible to the house, while reducing heat loss. Each of the walls of the house must be well insulated and the woodwork installed in accordance with the most energy-efficient methods.

A passive house is an ecological solution in which we limit the use of coal, electricity and wood burning. The necessary energy and warmth will be provided by the incoming light. What's more, , we can choose carpentry fully made from recyclate! These are undoubted benefits that, treated as a long-term investment, will also bring financial profit. A passive house has many benefits, but also stringent requirements. Therefore, before making a decision about choosing carpentry, consult qualified experts who will recommend choosing the best window system for passive houses.

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