Energy efficiency is a key word that we get familiar with during the decision which windows and doors should we choose for your home. When choosing woodwork with specific thermal insulation parameters, we must be sure that it will be properly installed. One of the methods used by the best assembly teams is layered assembly, also known as  warm assembly. What are its main advantages?

Tightness and insulation

The most important element affecting the energy efficiency of the house is a tight connection of the window with the wall. Without it, even the warmest profile will not be able to fulfill its functions, and in addition it will be exposed to moisture and loss of its thermal insulation values. The main difference between standard assembly and layered assembly is the method of sealing the space between the window frame and the building wall. Warm installation ensures perfect sealing of the layer on both sides of the window joints, and thanks to three sealing layers it protects the house against energy loss, moisture and thermal bridges.

Layers of heat

The effectiveness of warm installation is possible thanks to the use of three layers, in which each of them plays a very important role.

The inner layer provided with a vapor-tight window tape protects the mounting foam against steam entering the gap between the window and the wall.

The middle layer is responsible for thermal insulation and fills the space between the wall and the window frame.

The last layer - the outer layer - is responsible for proper air circulation and reduction of moisture due to the use of special vapor-permeable tapes.

Correctly carried out installation of three layers will obviously increase thermal insulation values, reduce heat losses, and above all reduce expenses related to heating rooms during the heating period. Warm installation is especially recommended for investors in the construction of energy-saving and passive houses. Warm installation requires the highest quality and professionalism, so before making a decision, consult qualified installers recommended by the best woodwork distributors.

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