Energy-efficient window - what does it really mean?

When we are getting familiar with the offer of window joinery manufacturers, we almost always come across with the term energy-efficient windows. What  is such a window, what functions does it perform and we really going to save energy thans to it?

Let's start with the most difficult issue, i.e. resolving what the mysterious UW pattern is, which we will see in every specification of energy-efficient windows and about which the seller will surely tell you.

For example Uw = 0.95 / (m2 · K)

This formula refers to the amount of heat permeating per hour through a square meter of septum. The lower the Uw factor, the better the energy efficiency of the partition, and in easy words - the less heat escapes from the building.
In Poland, from 2017 the Uw factor for PVC windows, at a temperature greater than or equal to 16o C, cannot be higher than 1.1, while from 2021 it will be at least 0.9W.
For example, the warmest product in the offer of the  energy-efficient windows manufacter  HENSFORT the warmest window is HENSFORT Reysol with Uw = 0.66 W / (m2 · K). In practice, this means that it provides the household with optimal and comfortable conditions of use and reduces the amount of the heating bill, because it retains energy in the house and prevents it from penetrating outside.

Energy-saving means ecological

The 21st century has given us completely new opportunities when it comes to ecological approach to the production of materials and their use. Care for the climate is one of the leading topics, not only in business, but also in international politics and above all in everyday life. Replacing old windows  with new, energy-efficient ones is not only a relief for our finances, but also for the environment. Deceuninick energy-saving profiles are now almost exclusively made of recyclate, thus reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Therefore, answering the question whether, when buying an energy-efficient window, we really save and help the environment, the answer is - definitely YES.